About L'Insulaire

Justin St-Pierre will present you during this concert his new album The Insular, released in late 2015. Essentially composed in Montreal, it has been finished in New Caledonia: small pacific island, dreamed land on the other side of the word. 

The Insular is the artist’s third album, after Rafiot (2009) and La Faille (2012). 

For a year now, Justin St-Pierre is travelling the world, looking for inspiration and multicultural sharings. His music is an invitation to travel, inspired by the feelings and the places crossed over time. Full of emotions, the instrumental pieces have to be listened with attention, because they touched subtly the heart and the soul. Let yourself go ...

Complete Tablature for L'Ile 

Thanks to FretMonkeys Records, the full tablature of L'Ile (The Island) is now available for 5$. Enjoy !

A Guitar from Sheldon Schwartz

Without any doubt, Sheldon Schwartz is one of the best luthier in the world. Justin St-Pierre's guitar, "The Arrow", took one year to be built. It has an amazing sound that can not be compare to any other brand. Justin decided to choose this luthier after trying the guitar of his great friend, Erik Mongrain, also built by Sheldon Schwartz.


Justin St-Pierre creates a contrast between the simplicity of the instrument and the complexity of the music that emerges, as well as a unique sound journey and an impressive visual performance. 

In 2006, he won the "Frimat Festival" and launched his first solo album Rafiot

In 2011, his second album La Faille 

(The Fault) is a tribute to his natal land, as it refers to the deep of the golddiggings of his region. The album is a success and made him travel in many territories of Canada and in France.

After being a top finisher in several prestigious guitar competitions, Justin won in 2013 the first place of the Canadien Guitar Festival, making him one of the best fingerstyle player of his time. 

His third album, L'insulaire 

(The Insular), inspired by the city of Montreal, has been released in fall 2015. 

Justin is promoting in 2017 his album L'insulaire in Europe, US and Canada.

       About Justin

Pour la lutherie  - Adresse : 53 Avenue Caraven Cachin, Salvagnac, France / Tél : 0769053113

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