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For physical version, go visit 

L’Insulaire is amazing to listen in the car, study or relax at home.

La Faille is addictive and once you’re hooked, you can listen to it a thousand time. 

If you’re a real fan, ask us by email a copy of Rafiot : we’ll find a way to send it to you !


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Insular #1

L'Ile (official clip) 

Trier (Tidy Up)

It's a man's world - Acoustic Cover

Complete Tablature for L'Ile 

Thanks to FretMonkeys Records, the full tablature of L'Ile (The Island) is now available for 5$. Enjoy !

Become a patreon is a plateform that allows you to give monthly donation to support the work of the artist : videos, compositions, tabs and albums.

Learn more about the artist

Download the PressKit,

photos and bios on the Info Page.


Justin is part of the participative label FretMonkeys Records


If you love Justin’s music, make the world know ! 

Talk to your friends, send emails, share videos, invite your friends to like the facebook page, suggest the show to the venues you know…

As an independant artist, it’s the people who love the music who makes his career. 

Organize a concert house

We love concert house and it can be easily organise at your home. Invite as many people as you like and ask them for a contribution for the artist. It’s the best way to assist to a show because of the contact you get with the artist and the intimicy of the place. Make a reservation today !

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