Winner of the Canadian Guitar Festival, Justin St-Pierre uses fingerstyle techniques to offer emotionally subtle and complex music at the same time.

His 3rd album "L'Insulaire" is an invitation to travel, inspired by the places and feelings crossed over time.

Justin St-Pierre signed with the label Fretmonkeys Records in 2016, allowing him to perform in the United States, Canada and soon China.




Complete Tablature for L'Ile 

Tabs of L'Ile are available for 5$. Enjoy !

Justin is part of label

FretMonkeys Records



 "What a guitar playing "

La Fabrique Culturelle

 " Un virtuose "


 " We waited for his last album as waiting for good wine : knowing that our patience will be rewarded by the discovery of a richer taste, more subtle flavors. "

L'Indice Bohémien

 " Justin St-Pierre stands out with his very special ability to generate musical emotions  "

L'Indice Bohémien

 " A spectacular technic "


La Fabrique Culturelle

 "A music to discover on CD but also and especially a musician to discover in person "

L'Indice Bohémien


If you love Justin’s music, make the world know ! 

Talk to your friends, send emails, share videos, invite your friends to like the facebook page, suggest the show to the venues you know…

As an independant artist, it’s the people who love the music who makes his career. 

Organize a concert house

We love concert house and it can be easily organise at your home. Invite as many people as you like and ask them for a contribution for the artist. It’s the best way to assist to a show because of the contact you get with the artist and the intimicy of the place. Make a reservation today !

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Pour la lutherie  - Adresse : 53 Avenue Caraven Cachin, Salvagnac, France / Tél : 0769053113

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